Thursday, 25 October 2012

Beatle Books In Review: All Things Must Pass: The Life of George Harrison by Marc Shapiro

As George is my favourite Beatle, I was really looking forward to reading a biography of him, particularly one that was - as the front cover of this book proclaimed - "well-written and informative". Unfortunately, it was neither. The author seemed to speed through George's childhood. In fact, he seemed to speed through mostly everything, which makes it seem as though he was in one big rush all the way through the writing process. It's also very short and seems like little more than a cut and paste job, as it features no original interviews (at least not that I recall). Basically, it does a terrible disservice to a genuinely fascinating subject. Avoid at all costs.

Review by Sarah Stacey 

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  1. That's a load of crap. No one should speed through the life of a Beatle. That is in all forms disrespectful to the dead!!! That person should redo the book, maybe interview his son Dhani, get his side on how his dad was as a musician and person


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