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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beatles In Review: Magical Mystery Tour 2012 Deluxe Box Set DVD

This is a lovely, well presented package. It contains plenty of extras to make it well worth getting as opposed to just buying the DVD on its own. The film itself has been restored and the soundtrack remastered to sound even better than ever in surround sound. It's presented on bright yellow discs which are aesthetically appealing and just another nice touch. I really enjoyed the extra footage, with up to date commentary from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and Anthology footage from George Harrison and John Lennon. It's worth buying for this alone. I really enjoyed McCartney's insights in particular, as it showed just how far ahead of the times the Beatles really were...more than just progressive! Ideas such as filming a Parisian gendarme and using a jaunty version of La Marselleise as a soundtrack is very "out there" for the time, but years in advance of what was going on in terms of film in the period, and definitely still relevant now. I also loved the book with all the bonuses such as scripts, call sheets, correspondance etc which gives a tantalising and delicious insight into the production process of the film, which is just enough and no more (I can never get enough of these goodies!) Also included is a 7" mono EP which is a faithful recreation of the original and even a replica MMT ticket. A brilliant package which will keep me going for years to come - I found with the that even now I find new things every time I go back to it.

Review by Lauren Elizabeth

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