Saturday, 27 October 2012

Things We Sang Today #002: Olivia, Michelle, Dominic & Erica

This is our second edition of 'Things We Sang Today' and we have only three this Saturday: Olivia Lennon (Not her real last name but she doesn't want to reveal that for reasons of National Security!) and Michelle Miller on YouTube and Dominic Williams & Erica Williams (both their real names because they are shameless pluggers) on SoundCloud.

You may be going "Hey! Wait a second! That Dominic was on the last one!" Well you'd be correct as "That Dominic" is me, myself and I and there's nothing like a bit of plugging of yourself now is there?

This is a bit of a John Lennon edition today as Olivia is singing 'It's Only Love' and Dominic & Erica are doing 'I'm Only Sleeping' (Take One) with Michelle doing a McCartney lead vocal aptly titled; 'Michelle' so Ladies & Gentlemen.....*drowned out by the screams*

 Olivia Lennon - 'It's Only Love'

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