Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Beetles - A Poem by Hekla Egils


The Beetles 
by Hekla Egils

In a town by the pool,
Born, were beetles,
Who went to school.
Neither knew one or the other,
But soon they’d become each other’s brother.

The first was raised by his beetle aunt,
Who hated everything he would want.
“You’ll never make a living of that,”
The aunt would say as she tipped her hat.

But as beetles do, he scurried around,
Wandering here and there in the town.
One day he stumbled upon a fellow,
A beetle that was melodic, rhythmic and mellow.

Together the lads formed a band,
For each others music they could understand.
And not long after they found a guitarist,
A younger beetle, which was the most bizzarest.

They practiced and played, till their fingers bled.
Most people claimed they were out of their heads.
They knew their music was something special,
But not that one day it would become controversial.

A drummer was in place, but he was no good.
They needed someone that understood,
Their humor and their musical attempts,
So they could build a friendship as strong as cement.

The beetles were soon discovered,
And promised that they were covered,
To be a great success,
If they changed their style and dress.

Not long after that meeting,
The beetles got a global greeting,
And became a world successful band,
Known throughout each and every land.

Years passed by, and their success grew stronger,
Now much bigger than when they were younger.
Lady beetles everywhere around the world,
Would do almost anything to be one of their girls.

But as the four beetles steadily grew older,
No longer could they lie on each other’s shoulder.
Their music was going their separate ways,
It seemed like the end of their fab days.

The first beetle felt like he was free,
But the second simply said “let it be.”
And in sorrow the four, drifted apart,
In an attempt to form a new start.

The leader took a bite of the apple,
The youngest joined a Krishna chapel.
The second beetle sprouted wings,
The drummer asked how it felt to sing.

But though their band was no longer together,
Their music remained forever tethered,
To the world of pop, and rock ‘n roll,
Which in a sense, kept the band whole.


To see more of Hekla's work, visit her Tumblr page here or her Deviantart page here

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