Thursday, 5 September 2013

Calling All Beatles Fans: Are You A Beatles Fan? Of Course You Are!

Beatlemania: Fans surge a police line at Buckingham Palace to see the boys get their MBE medals in 1965.
We are updating our pages here at The Beatles Through The Years and we are adding a fan page because, we are fans and so are YOU!

We're looking to tell the story of the fans so we need a short piece on who you are, your age, when you first heard the fab four, why and how you became a fan of the boys, if you ever seen the Beatles live or if you've ever been lucky enough to cross paths or even hang out with any of them!

You can also include a picture of you that we will put beside your story. If you don't want to send a picture or tell us your age then that's fine but a little piece on your Beatles fan story would be fab.

This will go up on our new fan page for the world to see and you can be assured that your story will be up there for posterity.

If you want to be included, just shoot me an e-mail at with your story of your personal Beatlemania.

Thanks everybody!