Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fan Stories: Shannon Harper

 Here we have yet again another fan story from the delightful Shannon Harper! Shannon is 18 years old from the
 Midwest of the USA. She is a Musical Theatre actress and former Irish Dancer and is absolutely in love with the boys from
So without any further ado, here she is, Shannon Harper!
Shannon about to see Paul McCartney live in 2013.

What is your earliest Beatles memory?

Watching A Hard Day's Night with my family when I was about 7. I had huge crushes on George and Ringo after that.
Did you ever attend a Beatles concert between 1960 and 1966?
No; only in my dreams!
Have you met any of the Beatles? Or anyone associated with  them?

Not yet.
Have you ever seen John, Paul, George or Ringo on a solo tour/gig?
Paul! July 16, 2013. :) Best night of my life.
In what way have the Beatles inspired you? Did you take up a career because of them?
I knew I had to do something regarding music for a career.  Somehow I ended up with a career in 
Musical Theatre from this thought!
We'd like to thank Shannon for taking the time to answer our questions!  

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