Saturday, 18 April 2015

Richard Starkey Appreciation Post.

Keeping the Beat in the Beatles, 1966.

Let us just take a moment to appreciate the genius of Richard Starkey, aka Ringo Starr.

Over the years, many have come to disparage Ritchie with the snide jokes about being the luckiest bloke in the world and not being as talented as the other three. I call that utter BOLLOCKS.

John, Paul & George were lucky they found him, lucky he wanted to join them as without Ringo, they wouldn't have got out of Liverpool.Without Ringo, they may never have had as big a grip on the USA as they had (and still have). When the Beatles first landed in the states, Ringo was the most famous Beatle out of all them because of his distinctive stage name, also it was probably the only name that teenagers' parents could remember.

Simply, without Richard Starkey, (who was the original boy who lived, Harry Potter fans), the Beatles wouldn't be as legendary as they are today.

Still keeping the Beat with his All Starr Band in 2014. (Photo taken by Author)