Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Paul McCartney Dream I Had Last Night.

Hofner in Hand: Macca & Nancy arrive in Japan for the rescheduled dates on his tour.

Last night I had a dream about Paul McCartney.

I know many of you will think "Who hasn't? Come on!" but this dream was one of the more vivid ones I've had. I usually can't remember my dreams but this one I can. It's stuck in there!

I was walking along Abbey Road, not Abbey Road in London but Abbey Road in Torquay. Torquay is where I was born and my first home was on Warren Road, which is just off Abbey Road in Torquay.

Here, let's have Google Maps explain:

Anyway, I was walking along Abbey Road, (I guess I'm homesick?) and who should I see walking up towards me, in an outfit not unlike the one he has on in that picture? Paul McCartney. At first it was so vivid and I was thinking in my dream. "Hang on a minute, he looks like Paul McCartney" and he got closer and closer and I realised it WAS him and he was looking at me.

"I thought it was you!" He says to me.

"I thought it was YOU!" I replied back. Surprisingly calm about everything.

"Shall we go and get some Ice Cream?" He said with that trademark boyish smile. (This is "Present Paul" for those who are wondering)

Ice Cream? With Paul McCartney? Would YOU say no? Even if you HATED Ice Cream? Which I don't, I LOVE Ice Cream but I'm interested to hear from those who have an aversion to Ice Cream what their answers to Paul McCartney wanting to go get Ice Cream would be. Answers on a Postcard to this email please!

Anyway we got Ice Cream from a conveniently placed Ice Cream van. Paul got a 99 with raspberry sauce, he ordered after me and wanted the same as me. Well, it was my dream, I suppose he felt obligated to order what I ordered rather than go with something crazy like a double 99 with chocolate sauce and nuts and sprinkles. But he is Paul McCartney, he can order what he bloody well likes!

What a 99 with Raspberry Sauce looks like, for those that don't know.

We then strolled along Torre Abbey Sands, we talked about various recordings, including some of George's, he kind of really went on about George in the dream which I've never heard him do in real life! He also gave me some tips on how I should approach songwriting.

After our stroll it was starting to get dark. We sat down on some steps and then it hit me.

"Hey, nobody's recognised you!" I whispered to him.

He shook his head and said "No, they don't here. It's about the only place"

Before I could ask him what that meant he suggested we get chips!

"I can smell them and I haven't had chips in ages!" he says.

So we get up and go to the chip shop and we order a large portion to share. We sit there on the wall outside and just munch on the chips and he says. "I'm probably going to have to get going. I'm on tour and I have to go to Japan, you know..."

I didn't try and force him to stay longer, I knew he had to go sometime! But he gets up and before I wake up he said something which probably made me remember the whole thing.

"I appreciate what you're doing" he said.

Then I woke up. I was smiling. Paul appreciates what I'm doing.

Wait....what is it I'm doing?? What is it that he appreciates I'm doing??? Playing guitar? Running this website? If you could clarify that one for me, Paul, I'd appreciate, appreciate, appreciate it! ;-)
It was so clear and vivid I feel like he was actually talking to me and giving me a message. I've met many who have had these sorts of dreams where they've been talking to some historical figure who's helped them figure out something and now I have had one!

Just to clarify, this was just a dream, I didn't actually meet Paul McCartney in Torquay.


So I'll just sit here like this...

Have you had a dream with one or all of the Beatles that really resonated?? Tell me about it!