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Monday, 6 July 2015

The Day John and Paul Met.

An Artist's Impression of what Paul & John's meeting might have looked like.
John Lennon was performing with his band The Quarrymen at the Woolton Village Fete at St. Peter's Church in Liverpool on this day in 1957 when his friend Ivan Vaughan brought someone to see him. That someone was Paul McCartney. Ivan figured that John & Paul would get along due to their love of music but he surely couldn't have known he was bringing together two blokes who would go onto be half of the world famous Beatles, let alone be one of the most prolific songwriting partnerships the world has ever known. To Ivan, he was just introducing his mates to each other.

Sadly, Ivan is no longer with us. He died in 1993 after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease. Touched by his death, Paul McCartney (who shared an exact birthday with him) wrote a poem for him entitled "Ivan".

Jive with Ive...
The ace on the bass...
He introduced to me...
At Woolton fete...
A pal or two...

(Excerpt from the poem "Ivan" by Paul McCartney)

So thanks Ivan Vaughan. Thank you very much.

Ivan Vaughan, Circa 1960s

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