Thursday, 30 July 2015

Video: The Beatles in Hamburg, Germany, 1966.

In 1966, the Beatles returned to Hamburg to play two concerts. The last time they were in Hamburg was 1962, when they were playing the Star Club on the Reeperbahn. Now, they were returning as international stars and the Hamburg Police Department decided to film the event as a training video so they could better understand how to control the fans.

Alan Millen has edited the public domain footage and provided on screen English captions to describe the events. The film opens with fans on the platform waiting for the Beatles' early morning train to arrive from Munich. We then catch fleeting glimpses of the band as they rush out of the station through the throng and into a waiting car.

The action then moves to the concert venue where fans patiently (and impatiently) await the Fab Four to take the stage, they then do and hysteria ensues.

Check it out....

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