Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Roll Up! Roll Up For The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour!

For all you first generation fans, when you first heard of the Beatles, it was likely seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show back in February 1964 and if you're not, it was likely through seeing all the archive footage and, of course, listening to all their fabulous albums!

When the Beatles first landed in New York in 1964, they took the United States of America by storm! Millions of fans, from New York to California and North Dakota to Texas began a lifelong obsession with those four boys from Liverpool, England. Back then, England was a world away to many, Another planet from which the best music and the best people came from. Girls and boys sat in their bedrooms across the states, looking up at their posters of the Beatles and dreaming of visiting England. Especially Liverpool, where the Beatles were born and bred and London, where they recorded all their fabulous music.

Take a trip to Liverpool and see the Beatles Story Museum!

Today, the Beatles' legend continues to grow and as a result, new generations of fans are still finding their timeless music and are still dreaming of visiting Liverpool and London to soak up the history, the legend and the place the Beatles called home.

Well Beatles fans, the dream is over!

Now YOU can go on a fantastic pilgrimage tour to London and Liverpool with our Beatles Pilgrimage Tour!

Founded in 1996 by Tony Maddalone, an experienced Beatles tour operator, The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour is the most comprehensive, true and EXCITING Beatles Tour to Liverpool and London out there. Whether you are an individual, a couple, a small, or large group, The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour is an all-inclusive Beatles tour that can accommodate your needs.  In addition to Individual Tour Packages, we also offer Small Group Tours of between 16 and 30 people, where fans can "Come Together" to celebrate the lives and music of The Beatles.  And, in order to ensure that all your travel connections are made, reservations honored, and accommodations comfortable, we provide a professional escort, or tour guide, who will be available to you at all times. 

Walk the same street John Lennon grew up on!
Hear & See Penny Lane with your own ears and eyes!
All our trips follow our standard 7-night "FanVenture" itinerary, which includes:

* Sightseeing Excursions
* Traveler Accommodation
* Land Package Tour
* Hotel Accommodations (Which includes: A stay at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool and at the Premier Inn, St. Pancras in London. Hotel pricing assumes double occupancy.)
* An "All You Can Eat" Breakfast Bar Buffet
* 24/7 Beatles Tour Hosts
* High Speed Rail from Liverpool to London (Just over 2 hours.)
* Pub Lunches at cool Beatles locations.
* All Day "On/Off" Transport Passes for each day in London, (except for the day of the full-day coach tour through London.) including unlimited travel on the London Underground.
* All local transportation in connection with tour events.
* The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour Survival Guide, which is provided to you 30 days before departure. The guide includes your final itinerary complete with tour schedule, contact phone numbers both in the US and UK, directions, travel tips, info about the UK, currency exchange and more...

Stop off in the Grapes pub, where the Beatles drank!
Visit the club they made famous!

Some of our Tour Extras include:    

*  Beatleweek Tour - Liverpool Only
*  The Beatles Europe - Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris
*  Exciting Amsterdam Tour
*  The Beatles Paris Tour
*  The Beatles Hamburg Tour
*  Extend your stay in Liverpool/London 

Also ask about: The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Career Retrospective, Day trips to Paris, Stonehenge, Cotswold Day Tours, London Sightseeing, Harry Potter Tours, Jack the Ripper Evening Walking Tours, and other attractions you can include on your trip!

Take a walk across the famous pelican crossing by Abbey Road studios!

Okay, now we've tempted you, you need to know where to book! If you need more information, please download the brochure from this link:

The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour Brochure

To book your tour, please use this form:

Booking Form

If you would like to contact us about anything, please use this link:

Contact Form

We look forward to seeing you on this fabulous tour! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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