Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Video: The Beatles Visit Smedley's Fish & Chip Shop.

Shot on 15th September 1967 at James and Amy Smedley's Fish & Chip shop in Taunton, Devon, England. The Beatles and the rest of the cast of the film pile into the shop and munch their way through Fish & Chip lunch. Only a small part of this footage actually made it into the film (The shots of Nat Jackley and Jessie Robbins eating chips) The rest of the footage is wonderful to see as the Beatles eat their fish and chips and drink bottles of Tizer and Corona Orange Pop (Corona is a brand that doesn't exist any more but Tizer is still going strong!)

James & Amy Smedley were the grandparents of "little" Nicola, who was the little girl who John was speaking to in one memorable scene of the film. Amy was a passenger on the bus and when she casually mentioned to the Beatles that she owned a Fish & Chip shop, the bus made sure to make a stop there.


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