Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Book Review: 'Get Back: Imagine...Saving John Lennon' by Donovan Day.

I recently had the opportunity to read the book 'Get Back: Imagine....Saving John Lennon' by Donovan Day. It is very much geared to the young adult readers and us fans who wish they could time travel and meet the Beatles using nothing but an Ipod.

The book starts off setting the scene for the teenage Lenny Funk, a New Yorker who is playing guitar in the Subway, getting picked on by a gang of idiots while playing a Bob Dylan song when he is joined by a fellow teenager, a beautiful young girl of Asian heritage on vocals. Lenny falls hard for this girl, who happens to be named Yoko....

After getting beaten up and having his guitar stolen by the gang after Yoko leaves, Lenny is given an Ipod by his grandfather and after falling asleep listening to James Taylor, Lenny awakes in 1979, surrounded by people that are all listening to James Taylor and Carly Simon. Lenny naturally assumes it's a dream but the smells and sounds are so vivid.

After discovering he actually IS going back in time and it's connected to the songs on the Ipod, Lenny plays an early Beatles number and he transports through space and time to London, 1963 where he meets with Brian Epstein and the Beatles. While there, he strikes up a friendship with John, who catches him with his smartphone. After finally getting Lenny to admit to the truth, John asks the ultimate question: "What will become of me?"

After this, Lenny is determined to do what he can to save John, which he does. It's at this point that the "What If?" comes into play. The way Donovan describes John is not as outlandish as some other authors have imagined John, if he lived past 1980. I found myself agreeing with a lot of how his vision of 2015 John Lennon turned out.

So if you are looking for something fun to read and are into Science Fiction/Time Travel stories and of course are a big fan of the Beatles, you will enjoy Get Back: Imagine...Saving John Lennon!

You can find Donovan Day on Twitter.

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