Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tea & A Butty Podcast 11 - 'The Beatles (The White Album)'

Here is our 11th Podcast, all about the White Album, with Kara Mancuso as our guest! We hope you all enjoy this longer Podcast!


  1. You made some good points here. I did a search on the topic and found most people agree with your blog. Thanks

  2. You asked why The Beatles seemingly got along well in India but were fractious during the recording of the White Album. In addition to all the reasons you mentioned, I think the formation of Apple in May 1968 precipitated the legal hassles that led to the break-up. they were amateur businessmen who had no idea how to act collegiately in that environment, particularly without a real adult, i.e, Brian Epstein, in the room.

    1. Oh of course. We tried to touch on all the points too. We wished we could have gone on longer! Yes, their hurried business venture to save money from the Taxman ended up losing them a lot of money in the end. It really was a case of the lunatics getting hold of the asylum.

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