Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Don't Worry! The Tea & A Butty Podcast Is On The Way!

It's been a long time coming and some of you may have forgotten us but the Tea & A Butty Podcast will be returning very soon! We are gearing up to record our first show back and we are very excited! We hope you are too!

These next series of Podcasts will focus on more than just the Beatles (though we still love them, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!) and will include a lot of pop culture from the past 50 years, mainly from Britain and the USA. What's the theme of the first Podcast? Well, it's the women of John Lennon! His wives, his girlfriends, his lovers, his one night stands, whomever had something going on with John, we'll be talking about it! Erica is very excited! (Dominic is too!)

Hope you tune in!

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