Tuesday, 6 June 2017

BBC Radio 2 Salute The Beatles: Paul Merton's Beatles & Sgt. Pepper Forever

Paul Merton is a respected British comedian, broadcaster and writer who appears on the BBC panel show 'Have I Got News For You'. In this BBC Radio 2 production, he imagines what would have happened if the Beatles (along with some of their famous friends) had re-united for a one off concert in 1974. In a four part series, Merton, a Beatlemaniac like all the rest of us, presents this concert with a Terry Wogan-esque narration. Have a listen at the link below and just imagine what it might have been like:


 And if that isn't enough, Martin Freeman (Yes, John Watson himself is a massive Beatles fan, didn't you know? Sherlock though, he can't understand the appeal!) presents a documentary also on Radio 2 about Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band. You can also listen to it free and un-geoblocked (The BBC are totally fine with everyone in the world listening to their radio) right at the link below:


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