Monday, 3 July 2017

Paul McCartney Regains Beatles Song Catalogue From Sony.

That Day Is Done: Did Paul Finally Get Back The Songs?
It's being reported that the confidential settlement that Paul McCartney and Sony reached means that Paul has finally done what he's been looking to do since 1985; Regain the full rights to the full Beatles Catalog.

This is a story that started back in 1969 when Dick James, who owned a majority share in Northern Songs, the publishing company set up with Brian Epstein and John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1963, sold the songs without giving John and Paul a chance to buy them. Dick sold them to ATV music. In 1985, ATV was put up for sale and was bought by Michael Jackson, much to the displeasure of Paul, who originally had advised Jackson on the value of owning publishing rights.

Jackson, of course, didn't spend his money wisely and had to sell most of the catalog to Sony in the 90s and then with Jackson's death in 2009, Sony bought the songs outright and this January, McCartney began the process to regain them and they have reached a settlement which people are reporting is to McCartney's full benefit.

So, HAS Paul gotten back the full rights? So far, nothing has been officially confirmed. What do you think?


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