This site was born out of sheer love and devotion to the greatest rock group of all time, the Beatles. We wanted a place where we could discuss everything that makes up the legend that is the Beatles: the lads themselves; the girls; the fans; the music; the guitars, the films... everything.

But, there are lots of sites out there like that. On this site, because Dominic, the site creator, is a musician himself (inspired, of course, by those crazy lads from Liverpool), we wanted a place where we could highlight other like-minded fans, musicians, and artists. In addition to wanting to gossip about our fav-raves, the Beatles, we created this site in order to feature all of you! We want to feature your poetry, your fan fiction, art, short films, music, and other creations. We'd also love to have you guest blog on the Beatley topic of your choice, post a review, chat with us on the Tea and a Butty Podcast, or just promote your fan art. Contact us and lets start making your ideas a reality!

On this site you’ll find pictures, music and movie reviews, various Beatle-related opinion pieces, and news on what the surviving members are up to these days in the blogs section. If you poke around you can also find information about their records, movies, wives, etc. You can also treat yourself to something Beatles-related in our Store, or book the trip of a lifetime, an all-inclusive Beatles Tour of Liverpool, London and beyond. The Beatles Through The Years is the only Beatles fan site out there that is about John, Paul, George, Ringo, and YOU! We, the fans, are what keep the legend of the Beatles alive in our ears and in our eyes, so grab some tea and a butty and stay a while.

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