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Created by husband and wife team, Dominic and Erica Williams, The Beatles Through The Years has been one of the top Beatles fan sites on the web since it started in 2011.  With the Tea and a Butty Podcast, a Store, tons of Beatles facts, gossip, and pictures, our fan-centric site is THE place to not only get your Beatles fix, but to get yourself featured as well, just by being YOU.


Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Dominic has a wide array of interests ranging from Star Trek to music of the 1960s, British comedy, travel, pop culture, photography and more.  In addition, he is a self-taught musician and freelance writer, currently living in Texas.  Here's where you can connect with him:



Erica was born and raised in Texas and has a degree in Professional Writing with a minor in Journalism.  Like Dominic, she too has a keen interest in music of the 1960s, but is also very interested in genealogy, creative writing, travel, fashion and old films, and more.  Here's where you can find her:



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