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What are the 3 Different Types of Fencing that Our Fence Installer Austin Offer?

There are a lot of fence materials that we provide to our customers based on their choices. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, bamboo, and composite fences are highlighted among them. This article will reveal 3 types of fencing that people barely know, but we have a master class, Fence Installer Austin to build them around your property.

Uncommon Types of Fencing by Our Fence Installer Austin

Masonry fence (Extremely Durable)

Uses: Stone, stucco, concrete, and brick are the most common minerals of masonry fence material. It boosts the curb appeal of your property and increases the security of your home. If you build them high enough, they can also create private outdoor spaces. Low, decorative materials are even for your front yard landscaping. On the other hand, taller versions are great for the backyard.

Advantages: If you can ensure the proper installation of a masonry fence, it will stand a longer period with a little maintenance.

Disadvantages: the materials are pricey, and you can’t skip the professionalism here. Therefore, you must hire an experienced and professional installer.

The approximate cost fluctuates between $ 10 to $ 80 per square foot. However, price depends on the stone quality and thickness of the fence.

Wire Fence

Uses: Wire Fence is suitable for residential and commercial gardens. It keeps the animals away from your beautiful garden where many flowers and vegetables are going to bloom. Moreover, it is used for small pets in some cases.

Advantages: It is affordable and easy to install, and it will be maintenance-free.

Disadvantages: For too many homeowners, wire fencing is unflattering visually. It is a more practical fencing option than an aesthetic one.

The approximate costs of wire fencing remain between $ 3 to $ 5.

Invisible Dog Fence or Electric Fence

Uses: An invisible dog fence or (electric fence) involves an alternative boundary that activates a handset in your dog’s collar. It’s upright for keeping your pets in the yard without ruining your close view. Invisible fences can shelter an area of any figure or size so that you can mount one in the backyard, front yard, or both.

Advantages: It is cheaper and easier to install than some other fences. Moreover, it will not obstruct your view or get in your way.

Disadvantages: Electric fencing will retain your pets on the lawn but won’t allow other animals to go out. Some wild animals can get into your property without notice. However, they can still enter your property. Since the fences are powered by electricity, the invisible fences will stop working if the power goes out. 

The approximate cost moves between $ 1.75 to $ 2.75 per linear foot. It depends on the size of your landscape and how many dogs you have.

What is the Cheapest Type of Fencing?

If you don’t want to spend money on a contractor, consider wood and composite fences for the most affordable rates.

When to Hire a Professional for Help?

If you have no construction experience, you must hire a professional fence installer Austin for the ultimate fence efficiency. Consider hiring a pro for the utmost results of property fencing.

Which type of fence will last the longest?

Wrought iron and vinyl fences are the most long-lasting fencing materials for residential and commercial security.