Fence Installation Austin
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Best Types of Fence Installation Austin

Since you have come here to read the fencing types, you should know that the customization is massive, and you have a lot of colors and designs to select from. You might want to install your fencing uniquely and proficiently. Well, we have the potential to make accomplish your dreams through our aesthetics and functional Fence Installation Austin. Let’s move on to the extensive types of fencing and their potential.

Different Types of Fence Installation Austin and They’re Potential

If you are looking to fence your backyard, you possibly need privacy. There might be different reasons for different persons based on their requirements. However, we will reveal some of the most popular types of fencing for commercial and residential usage.

  • Wooden fence
  • Wrought iron fence
  • Aluminum fence
  • Vinyl fence
  • Composite fence
  • Chain-link fence
  • Bamboo fence
  • Masonry fence
  • Wire fence
  • Invisible dog fence

We recommend checking the laws and regulations of your state for the fencing guidelines. If you are lazy to do it, don’t worry. We are available for your comfort since that’s our job.

Wood Fence

Uses: Wood fences appear in a diverse and extensive range of styles. It contains privacy, security, and landscape decoration.

Advantages: Wood is one of the easiest materials for fences, and it is affordable too. You can save money by installing a wood fence. Moreover, wood fences can last a lifetime if proper care has been taken.

Disadvantages: One thing is very clear: every material has advantages and disadvantages when there are too many options available. Wood is vulnerable to water damage, pests, and rot. You must need to repaint the wood fences after installation. Moreover, check the paint condition once every two years to be sure and repaint them if needed.

The cost of wood Fencing fluctuates between $ 14 to $ 31 per linear foot

Wrought Iron Fence

Uses: Primarily decorative and contains several design options according to your desire. It also provides standard security and privacy.

Advantages: Durability is the main benefit of a wrought iron fence. It will last up to 60 years with proper maintenance. The customization ability and “easy to install” are two additional advantages of wrought iron fences that you can consider.

Disadvantages: Wrought iron fences are vulnerable to rust and require a fresh coat of primer every five years. Because they are custom-built, most wrought iron fences are quite expensive. However, if you compare the lifespan with other options, it will be worth the price.

Wrought iron fencing cost remains between $ 26 to $ 34 per linear foot.

Aluminum Fence

Uses: Aluminium fences are quite similar to wrought fences in terms of designs and color options. These types of fences are suitable for the back and front yard since they also provide security. It is one of the popular choices for pool fences.

Advantages: The aluminum fence is customizable like wrought iron, but it doesn’t rust like iron. Therefore, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Disadvantages: though there are several similarities between wrought iron and aluminum, aluminum is weaker than iron fence materials.

The cost of Aluminium fences fluctuates between $ 19 to $ 76 per linear foot depending on style, height, and size.

What Kind of Fencing is Ultra-Durable?

Masonry Wall fencing is the most durable fence material due to its components. Brick, stone, block, concrete, and even stucco are the components of masonry wall fencing. 100 years is the usual lifespan of this type of fencing.