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4 Types of Fencing Materials for Residential Fence Installation Austin

You must be aware of different types of fencing to know their potential and your requirements. This article will reveal the potential of four types of fencing, including vinyl, composite, chain-link, and bamboo fence materials. Our masterclass Fence Installation Austin has all the possible fencing instructions and solutions for your property.

Different types of fencing | Fence Installation Austin

Vinyl Fencing

Uses: Vinyl is exceptional for privacy fences, split rail fences, and picket fences. Moreover, you can ensure an outstanding security level through vinyl fencing. It is suitable for the front yard and backyard.

Advantages: Vinyl fences are durable and long-lasting enough to stand for a long time. Moreover, you will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. It is easy to install and comes in a swift package for the fence installer Austin because the resistant vinyl fencing is low maintenance that requires only an occasional wash.

Disadvantages: The high-price range is the only con of vinyl fencing.

The costs remain between $ 17 to $ 38 per linear foot.

Composite Fence

Uses: composite fences provide solid panels for security, safety, and privacy for your pets and kids. Since it is tall and blocks the views, you should consider it for the backyard instead of the front yard.

Advantages: It contains a durable mix of plastics, resin, and wood pieces. It comes in different designs and colors that sometimes give a wooden fence vibe. These types of fences are low maintenance and require occasional cleaning only. Though it looks like wood, there is no such vulnerability in composite fence materials available in a wood fence.

Disadvantages: The extreme durability and high quality make the composite fencing more expensive than other options. Hiring a contractor will be okay for you.

The approximate costs remain $ 15 to $ 45 per linear foot.

Chain-link Fencing

Uses: A chain-link fence enhances an extra level of safety in your backyard or front yard. This fence keeps wild animals off your property and naughty pets or children inside. While the exposed design doesn’t deliver much privacy, you can purchase removable plastic secrecy planks separately. You can also add a barbed wire top for extra security.

Advantages: You can install a chain-link fence due to its easiness. Moreover, they are durable and maintenance-free.

Disadvantages: Many homeowners think that chain link doesn’t have a visual appeal to the landscape. Moreover, if you buy the materials without a protective coat, they can erode.

The higher prices apply only to the tall, high security, thick gauge chain link fencing. Otherwise, the average price is $ 12 to $ 33 per linear foot.

Bamboo Fence

Uses: Typically, people use bamboo fencing for privacy in the backyard.

Advantages: Bamboo is an eco-friendly fencing option that plays a vital role for environmentally conscious people.

Disadvantages: It is one of the most invasive plants on this planet. Bamboo will take over your yard and quickly goes into neighbors’ property.

The approximate costs fluctuate between $ 3 to $ 6 per linear foot.

Is Wire Fence Good for Residential Property?

A wire fence works as a garden fence that keeps animals away from flowers, vegetables, and other vulnerable plants. It is so easy to install and completely maintenance-free.